Welcome to Progrow

Progrow Products (Pty) Ltd is a company of passionate green entrepreneurs!

Our mission is to develop long-term sustainable green businesses. We help and assist individuals, property owners and businesses wishing to explore and implement environmentally responsible and sustainable green initiatives and practices.

Progrow's brands include Progrow Cocopeat and Progrow Solar.

Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Water Heating - Solar Geysers - Solar Electricity - Solar PV

Progrow Solar is the brand name of our solar energy division. We focus on consulting on and the installation of top quality solar energy as well as energy saving technologies.

Progrow Solar focuses on solar water heating (solar thermal) and solar electricity (solar photovoltaic) installations in both the residential and commercial markets. We implement solutions which are not just environmentally friendly, but also profitable by reducing our clients dependency from the national electricity grid, which in turn reduce their monthly electricity costs.

Progrow Solar has, in a short space of time, established itself as a market leader in the industry.

Coconut Husk Substrates

Cocopeat - Coir Pith - Kokos - Coconut Husk Chips - Coir Fibres

Progrow Cocopeat is the brand name for our high quality coconut husk substrate (also commonly known as cocopeat) products from our sister factories, one in India and the other in Sri-Lanka. It represents the highest quality cocopeat products available in the world today.

Over the last two years, Progrow has established itself as the undisputed market leader in cocopeat products in South Africa. It has depots in Stellenbosch, Randburg and Tzaneen. Two further depots, in Pietermaritzburg and Uitenhage, will be opened operational as of early 2015. Progrow Cocopeat is mostly sold to commercial nurseries. It is projected that Progrow will sell in excess of 60,000m3 of cocopeat during the 2014/2015 financial year.


Expanding National Footprint

Progrow's ever expanding national footprint enables us to help clients in many areas of South Africa. Our Head Office is situated in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. From here we support our regional offices in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West.

  • Solar Energy for medical and dental practice
    Solar Energy Solution installed by Progrow for a dental practice in Cape Town, Western Cape



Progrow has a wealth of experience in green industries. We have been directly involved in green construction initiatives, industrial bio-diesel production, compost and organic growing medium production, permaculture and sustainable feeding scheme initiatives, as well as solar energy technologies.  

Progrow is also supported by a highly experienced Board of Directors. Combined the the Board of Directors has more than 60 years experience on serving of the boards of highly successful companies - both private as well as listed companies. This ensures that all transactions are concluded according to best practice standards.

Social Responsibility

A portion of all Progrow's profits are donated to the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital Trust in Cape Town.