Cocopeat (also known as coco peat, coco pith, coir, coir pith or kokos) and coco coir products are environmentally friendly organic growing mediums consisting of cocopeat and coir fibres. Cocopeat is spongy, granular particles extracted from the Coconut husk.

Studies have shown that cocopeat is more effective, more economical and longer lasting product than other growing medium alternatives. It is also a more environmentally responsible alternative to peat moss as it comes from a sustainable source.

Cocopeat has an excellent wetability and water retention capacity and holds almost 1,000% its own weight in water. No wetting agents are needed when Progrow products are used and water logging and dry spots in the root zone are minimal. The high water holding capacity results in water conservation. Coco fibres increase the air-water ratio as opposed to other peat products. This causes excellent oxygenation which promotes strong and early root growth and better crop yields. The high absorbance of water without losing its aeration values lead to a stable PH, high nutrient holding capacity and lower fertilizer needs.

Cocopeat products are excellent growing mediums and soil conditioners that can be applied directly or mixed with any type of soil. It is specifically sought after for soil-less culture in green houses (tomatoes, cucumbers etc) and hydroponics applications.

Progrow cocopeat is much used by professional nurseries, horticulturists, market gardeners, truck farmers and as well as in the preparation of lawns (green areas, garden, golf course, football pitches) and of course in amateur gardening.